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Eid Mubarik !

Kheir Mubarak!! 😊

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Your Eid outfit is so pretty

Thank You and Eid Mubarak! 💕
But have you seen some of the embroided ones these gorg girls wore, MashaAllah they all look so good!
Also pls do say MashaAllah we don’t want no one getting nazar here lol.


Its so weird that Ramadan has gone and its Shawwal now.

Ramadan, you’ve been beautiful. You’ve taught me to be patient, self control and and perhaps kinder (i hope). Alhamdulillah I hope to be able to live another year to experience the sweetness of Ramadan next year.


I can’t sleep. Usually having suhoor at this time so I got up and had a few dates.
It’s going to take a while.

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Salaam dilenaadan :D thank you for following, and Eid mubarak, have a great time! :)

Walikum Assalam myheartfullofscripture! My pleasure and Kheir Mubarak! Keep smiling and stay blessed. 😊

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eid mubarak 😊

Kheir Mubarak lovely!! Have a blessed day with family! 💕
(This girl is the sweetest MashaAllah)

When I was little I had this habit of trying on rings in the shop and quite often the ring would get stuck in my finger. I used to panic and almost cry cause I thought they would have to cut my finger to get the ring off.

For all those asking, I kept it super simple. :)


For all those asking, I kept it super simple. :)

salam anon! theres a difference of opinion on this, so please ask a sheikh or scholar to explan both sides to you so you can understand better

JazakAllahu Kheir! 

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assalamu alaykum sister i have a question hoping u could help me a bit is taking photographs with living beings in it like selfies and just normal photos with for example animals and humans haram if u have absolutely no wrong intentions

Walaikum Assalam anony. 

I’m sorry but I have absolutely no knowledge about this since I haven’t studied it deeply. i could redirect your question to queenfoisback and maybe she could share if she knows something InshaAllah.

Eid Mubarak!