Alhamdulillah for weekends. This week flew by and it’s the third week of school already. 😱

7 Egyptian boys in Biology and they laugh at their own jokes during class.

15 things that make me HAPPY

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THANK YOU lovelies! :*

  1. Watching mama and baba happily laughing or smiling every time we sit together as a whole family.
  2. Days when i have my imaan at my highest and take the time to sit and learn something new about Islam or even just remember Allah dil se. 
  3. Receiving complements hehe :P
  4. Watching someone use something I gifted them.
  5. Kids before they reach the annoying age. 
  6. RAIN! The smell of rain, the feel of rain water just everything about it. 
  7. Long road trips
  8. Beautiful countryside, mountainous sceneries. (watching them live ofc)
  9. Weddings! Just the whole atmosphere and watching the bride and groom sit together, both starting a new chapter in their life is just so beautiful. 
  10. Getting a good grade on something I worked hard for. 
  11. ICE-CREAM at any place, anytime will bring a guaranteed smile on my face. :D
  12. Clean and tidy surroundings. 
  13. When told I’m in their duas :’)
  14. Economical shopping :D
  15. Clear skin days 

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oh right because rishta jokes

Take that tone and get off my blog.

A message from Anonymous
two faced?

Yes the maggi anon who went from a 9 straight down to a 0….I see you.

Be anything but two faced. Never put up a mask to portray yourself differently in front of specific people. Stop deceiving others but most importantly quit deceiving your own self.

A message from Anonymous
i get the water close to boiling, then add the flavor, followed by the noodles once its boiled. then i add some black pepper, oregano, basil, olive oil, and paprika. turn down the heat and let it simmer for 5 minutes without the lid on and voila!

Why you being two faced tho? 😒

A message from Anonymous
i dont want or expect one such a drag!

Mubarak ho. 

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you wont get a rishta if you cant name the spices you should be more embarrassed

You won’t get one either with an attitude like that. 

A message from Anonymous
out of curiosity what spices did you add?

lol this is too much pressure friend. Tbh i don’t think I can even name them right. So I’ll save myself the embarrassment.

*Still gets embarrassed*